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Conversely, we were able to find a given profile’s corresponding identity outside the online dating network through classic Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) profiling. Many were just too eager to share more sensitive information than necessary (a goldmine for attackers).In fact, there’s even a previous research that triangulated people’s exact positions in real time based on their phone’s dating apps.The Furry N’ Fierce line features some of Hot Topic’s best looks — for you AND your bear — and a special Hot Topic bear.Making this collaboration the *ultimate* pop culture match, Funko is even getting in on the game by offering a special vinyl figure of the Furry N’ Fierce bear.

Everything in the collection goes on sale July 13th. They could also use an exploit kit, but since most use dating apps on mobile devices, this is somewhat more difficult.Once the target is compromised, the attacker can attempt to hijack more machines with the endgame of accessing the victim’s professional life and their company’s network.With the ability to locate a target and link them back to a real identity, all the attacker needs to do is to exploit them.We gauged this by sending messages between our test accounts with links to known bad sites.

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That shouldn’t come as a surprise, as online dating networks allow you to filter people using a wide range of factors—age, location, education, profession, salary, not to mention physical attributes like height and hair color.

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