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“There was always a stigma in the ’90s – in the ’80s and ’90s if you worked for MTV,” Hardwick said.

Also read: Comedy Central’s ‘@midnight’ Wants Jon Hamm, Shares Complicated Relationship With Buzz Feed “At the time it was very hard to go off and do other things from MTV, because no one really took you serious. ” The UCLA grad turned to standup comedy while trying to find a TV gig that would stick. “I started to realize that I was becoming a drunk guy who used to be on television, which I never wanted to be,” Hardwick told The Wrap.

It was then, in 2003, that the early inklings of what would eventually become Hardwick’s Nerdist media empire came to light. I have all this experience hosting television shows, I’m a comedian, and I love all this stuff, that was traditionally considered to be like nerd stuff – which, before then, there was no real place for in the entertainment business because the audience was considered too niche.“Singled Out” ran on MTV for just three years, from 1995 to 1998, and introduced the world to two of the ’90s favorite ditzes – Jenny Mc Carthy and Carmen Electra.But when the show ended, jobs offers weren’t exactly flooding Hardwick’s mailbox.All the stuff that I loved, I didn’t keep it secret per se, but I just wasn’t really out in public about it because people in the ’80s were s—–y and judgy.And then it became much more accepted because now nerds are these societal overlords who control technology and pop culture.

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I thought, well, if I completely bone this I’m probably not going to get the job.

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