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Using Joe’s email addresses as an example we could forward all email to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] now need only to access the account using either Webmail or an email client, and you can read and respond to email sent to any of the three email addresses. PCs and mobile devices can run multiple email clients.

For example you could install and configure Outlook, Windows live mail , Thunderbird etc on the same PC.

Most people these days have multiple email addresses and it can be frustrating logging into different accounts to check them all.

Luckily there are two simple steps to combine all these accounts into one Gmail account. Forward all of your various email addresses to your Gmail account.

See Note: -It is important that you only use the main account to send emails if you want all of your sent emails to be available in the one account.

This is a common technique when moving email addresses, and is normally used as a temporary measure.

Using this method the email management and access is kept completely separate..

Although certain methods will keep the email separate there are privacy issues that you need to consider when you consolidate email accounts. Desktop email clients like outlook,outlook express and Apps (tablets and phones) can be configured to access multiple email accounts at the same time. Some clients keep the emails separate while others use a single universal inbox.

The screens hot below shows Thunderbird configured to access 3 mailboxes using IMAP4.

This method is similar to the desktop client consolidation except it is done on the email server.

Google, Yahoo and will let you access multiple email accounts and consolidate email into your online account In essence they function as POP3 email clients by reading the email from the other accounts and placing the email into the inbox of your online account.

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