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"Twenty years from now, the idea that someone looking for love won't look for it online will be silly, akin to skipping the card catalog to instead wander the stacks because 'the right books are found only by accident.'" So wrote Rufus Griscom, CEO and founder of the popular online magazine, in a 2002 article for Wired.

Online dating, like the "lonely hearts" personal ads in newspapers of yesteryear, used to be considered the province of losers, nerds, cyber-geeks, and the otherwise socially inept -- not to mention a breeding ground for stalkers, predators, pedophiles and rapists.

Be as sincere and truthful as possible, but try to keep your comments up beat, positive and anger- or issues-free.

Don't tell too much too soon, especially difficulties or complaints about previous relationships. Last, but not least, don't forget to post a photo, since profiles with photos get a significantly higher response over those without.

The more legitimate, reputable sites will offer detailed, multiple choice type profile-builders that are relatively quick and painless to get through, although one very popular and pricey site that claims "the most marriages per match" has an exhaustive profile-builder that takes a good three hours to complete. Your profile, or dating resumé as it were, doesn't need to be glowing (or exaggerated to the point of dishonesty) as much as it needs to be compelling to keep your audience - and perhaps future soul mate - reading all the way, maybe even responding.

Even with all that, you're not finished without including that inevitable part of your profile where you describe yourself in your own words. Successful online dating profile writers have learned to use the same techniques that sales and marketing copywriters use to grab and keep customer attention.

But many people new to this form of relationship search - and even those with some experience - find themselves frustrated with the process of where to start and how to represent themselves online to a potential friend or lover.Why else would we call ourselves "sexykitten" or "cutecowboy" when our friends and coworkers never bother to refer to us that way? Paste and copy it to your site, and write an email to [email protected] let us know which article you use and where you post site Internet has changed our world fast and forever.International romance is no longer something people or newspapers are interested in talking about; it’s kind of ordinary.The demographics of a particular country may provide an exciting opportunity for you to meet a partner of better quality than is available for you at home.Men to women ratio differ dramatically between the countries.

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