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Well about a week went by after my second sexual encounter with my friend and I noticed something weird happening to my body.I was experiencing some itching ‘down there’ and a little bit of burning as well.I was thinking there is now way I could have this disease. he reminded me of the story in the bible where he saved the lady that was about to be stoned.I had only had 4 sexual partners in my entire life, I was never super promiscuous, I’ve know girls that sleep around all the time and never get burned… The symptoms of my first outbreak went away after a few days, just as the internet said they would… That story then reminded me of all the stories in the bible where Jesus healed the sick. I read a person’s testimony on here that said that they were healed of this disease that the world deems incurable and tears rolled down my face.Unfortunately my ex boyfriend had given me chlamydia a few years back and I got over it with some antibiotics, so I just knew whatever this was could be fixed pretty easily.I started researching my symptoms to see what could possibly be wrong with me.” “God is punishing me for my actions, now I have to live with them” ….the devil even led me to look up celebrities that are living with genital herpes so that I wouldn’t ‘feel alone’… Well I wont go into extreme detail because I don’t want this post to be super long, BUT I am writing to tell you today, that after a year of battling the devil through the power that Christ Jesus has given us, and increasing my faith by continuously reading the promises God has given us in his word, I have been COMPLETLY healed of genital herpes.

I entertained the thought of putting an end to my rebellious actions, but I didn’t have any intent on truly changing.

So I started to wonder if God still heals today, which led me to this wonderful website. That persons testimony sparked a hope in me that led me to where I am today.

After I read her testimony I started researching how to receive divine healing.

He wants to heal you and he will if you turn from unrighteousness, seek his face, and ask.

Your life is not over, and God is not punishing you for your actions.

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