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If you really wanted to clean it we recommend that you disconnect the water line open the access cap and dump the water out.Then take a light solution of bleach water and fully swish it around the fountain. A: An optional heater system is available that that will keep the water at 41°F and neither the water nor the nipples will freeze.A: We recommend a maximum of 3 or 4 birds per nipple.We sell three different size units, our Mini system handles up to 6 birds our Standard system handles up to 16 birds and our Mega system handles 40 birds.Frank personally delivered and installed one for my chickens and they began using it independently within less than 30 minutes! I had a lot of questions about how it worked and how it is different from other PNWs waterers, so I posed them to the inventor and these are his replies: A: The Chicken Fountain is a semi-sealed, passive flow watering device.Typically the waterers that people make themselves are a bottle or bucket with some poultry nipples attached to the bottom.

Basically, as long as you do not let your hens run out of water and make sure they are aware of the water source both nipple drinkers and open waterers provide plenty of water availability.

The water flows effortlessly into her mouth, which is a relief to both me and Esther.

A research paper published in the scientific journal "Animal Welfare" in 2008* compared broiler chickens' preferences in different water sources, and had this to say: 'These results further support the hypothesis that chickens find nipple drinkers an acceptable means of drinking, provided they are at a height that the birds find comfortable and convenient.

Hens are more sensitive to a lack of water than a lack of feed.” "Water and food consumption rates are interdependent, so reduced water intake can also lead to reduced food intake.

There are other factors that affect water intake, with temperature being the most obvious one.

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