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She's become less and less of a presence on the show.

It's not that she's unintelligent, but she can't match the wit and wisdom of Roger.

As OP said I like how often he tries to expand the argument beyond a narrow scope.So over the years, his talent and intelligence led him to more and more of a frame of mind that fit a daily talk show.When Rutherford was booted from AM770 for being too outspoken of their ignoring the status of the floods, Roger was able to jump on a "once in a lifetime opportunity" to host a daily talk show with an established audience in his home province.those arguments with Fraser in the morning with Lori's interjections were enlightening and hilarious. Edit: when he left he said he loved working at X92.9 but that working at 770 was a once in a lifetime opportunity.Would make sense though since he replaced some long tenured host didn't he? He was always entertaining, intelligent and well spoken.

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