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These dolls are being used as the exclusive platform for our robotics hardware, and we are designing the products we create to integrate with as many Realdoll bodies as possible.

If you are a current Realdoll owner, you can enjoy our upcoming robotic head system on your current doll’s body by using an adaptor specifically designed for the particular body type you may own.

By using a Bluetooth speaker equipped skull cap (available here: Click for details) you can also connect the Harmony A. app to your current doll while waiting for the robotic systems to be released.

For more information on Realdoll and the various doll configurations available, please visit the Realdoll website directly at

In the Chat Panel, closing a chat tab counts as an explicit ‘close’ command.

When you are using an external IM client, you will have to use the command "$quit" at the end of the chat to free the chat slot right away.

The cage was close, so Lena and I clung to each other.

Chatting with Userlike offers much more than the possibility to type and hit “send” until all questions are answered.

It is also possible to display the chat button despite offline status.Furthermore, the number of chat sessions that can be received by your Operators is indicated by the amount of your free slots.Be aware that the slot maximum can be reached earlier than expected when the chats are not explicitly closed.Robotic Head System Our initial robotics efforts are focused on animating the head and face.We feel that this is the logical place to begin, as human beings spend more time looking at, and reading emotions from each other’s faces as we interact.

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