Ipod not updating podcasts

This same trick worked for the family plan when it arrived as well.

If that trick doesn’t work, then maybe you need to update your Google Play Music app first.

See also here Comment from user15660: "Thank you for answering. but download all will not download everything once itunes finds that you are not listening to those podcasts.

I have 25 to 50 podcasts and many of them don't fetch the latest episode from the server becasue of the apple itunes policy. thanks & please advice if you have any solution." GET Available Podcast Episodes v2.1 This script will let you GET any or all un-downloaded episodes of the Podcasts you have subscribed to, rather than clicking the "GET" button for each one individually in the Podcasts playlist.

I first noticed this odd behavior back in the summer and thought it was a temporary problem that would get fixed soon, but it persisted.

As it turns out, this is a caching issue that can be easily circumvented with a simple, cool trick.

This is what some users are seeing in the App Store.

Notice that Fabasot Cloud is listed under the Pending Updates heading, but without the Updates button?

Step 2: Now tap on any of the tab bar items alongside the bottom ten times in a row, without touching anything else.

For Mac Users: My new app Castmaster solves this problem by forcing i Tunes to download all podcast episodes, even those that haven't been listened to recently.

It's available on the Mac App Store, Castmaster on the Mac App Store To enable this, check "Keep Subscriptions Active" in the Settings window.

Q: In i Tunes, when I selected the Podcasts setting, "When new episodes are available, download all," I didn't get any additional episodes. A: This setting only applies to new podcast subscriptions.

The answer may be then to apply the "download all" option to new podcast subscriptions, rather than to existing ones.

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