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: D I have no clue what to put really just that I am the awesome asshole of NC, this statement has been varified by an independent investigation.

Comrade Yeltsen: Ninja Chat's stereotypical Communist Confuzzledmaniac: I am the House of Ninja Chat, can't have a chatroom without a cripple!

Gmaesatr123: The only thing separating me from you is my cerebral cortex. JKuang: What do you mean I can't bring in my kittens? Jm Yeom: always on ninja chat, pops in at least once a day, friendly and badge addict :) John Leprechaun (John) Will absolutely force links to his music upon everybody, so be mean to him. Kairi_the_shadow: Ninja Chat's residential attention/camera whore. Kakashi FNGRL [Kakashi, FNG, FN, Ninja Bitch, Soy]: I'm NOT Kakashi, I am his ! Kimphin007: (Kim, Kimp, Prego, KP, Kim-E frum da hud): Known as the Ninja Bitch.

Just remember though, if one person really bashes you for being new to Kongregate, just try to let it go. We are pretty much one big dysfunctional Kongregate family. :( The hilarious part is that the day after Blarlack added this, they BOTH came back. I was totally "WTF HAX" and they were like "ZOMG NUB! Alphabetized, for her pleasure (On February 19, 2011, pm GMT-5 by Erin M): Attention! We have a ninja chat team, which has a pitiful 8 members. The mods here are fair so don't abuse their kindness. (I think..) of my name, I won't mind, though I prefer Nick, only one person can call me by my full name, she knows who she is cause I haven't said anything to her about it. I always have something to say about anything and everything. D= Crimson Lies: As Blarlack wants me to not take up 30% of the Wiki, I'll be boring!

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