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over time, we'd all be better off if we stopped freaking out about the One and just started looking for someone awesome we like hanging out with.Need a reminder that it's really just that simple?A coach would have helped us create a new life that we both agreed on and helped us create a plan to move us towards it. When I was healing from the double whammy emotional asskicking from my divorce and end of a rebound relationship, I hired a therapist. I was in a bad way emotionally, could eat, sleep, focus on anything. LC: No but if something profoundly rattled me and made it so I had anxiety or panic attacks, dropped weight because I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep then yes, I would totally book more sessions with my therapist to have my mental health on point. You can start to have true confidence and live authentically with a double barrel middle finger to anyone or anything that hinders your happiness.You can expect to learn to love yourself unconditionally on such a high level, that you will take full responsibility for your happiness and in doing so will be more kind, patient, tolerant of others (without sacrificing yourself for anyone else’s bullshit and self-imposed limitations).

Swearing has been shown to be associated with more persuasive speech (3). First, swearing can convey emotion, which offers a great deal of information regarding the topic of discussion and the impact this can have on others.With this in mind, we can see how greater meaning can be derived from an emotionally charged vocabulary.In addition, swearing in persuasive speech can often heighten the attention of the listener, partly due to the emotion and meaning being conveyed.You can expect a clearer, forward moving life delighted by what you attract each day.You can expect to quickly understand why you attract what you do and swiftly pivot from attracting negative to positive. No one will love you more and better than you can love you. Contact Lisa Concepcion to transform your love life today!

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You can expect to feel like a total BOSS, CEO of your life. Looking back, I wish we had attracted a coach either in addition to or in place of therapy. Once you handle that you won’t live a conditional life.

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