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So, from the technical side, everything seems fine and dandy, and the blocking of advertising is definitely a nice add-on.What about the efficiency of the underlying principle: Is this program able to replace other protection such as VPNs?It certainly helps to feel protected, and on top of that, Peer Block also blocked u Torrent from displaying annoying ads.Our computer didn’t seem to slow down much either, with the task manager reporting almost no RAM and only 0-1% CPU usage, so it doesn’t seem like modern computers have any problems with it, which was definitely not the case on older systems.Blocking more than 1 billion of IPs, sum of IP Ranges collected, is madness, it’s a total false sense of protection, it’s not by overloading beyond a certain value that will protect your connections rather it will result in banning innocent IP ranges, it means legitimate peers, websites, generic hosts, and last not least a ton of useless IP ranges that can only make a mess , retrieving no benefits at all from ipfiltering, and thus you become aware that as a bad usage of your network connections, bandwidth, speed, etc.Not only you won’t run into any risk by using Ipfilter X than using the overbloated ipfilters described above and out there in the internet of fakes, but loading ipfilter X will bring remarkable benefits allowing legitimate peers and sources to connect / handshake with your computer and at same manner denying / blocking bad peers , rejecting their untrusted and malicious requests that can bring to heavy consequences of various nature. Example: ipfilter X blocks Agents like: RCS-Hacking Team, Finfischer-Gamma International, IP serving for infection and IP serving for malware Communication with its Owner: C2-Command&Control Center.ipfilter X is purposely designed to be used against Spy Networks, Government Agencies, Malware families, Copyright Trolls and all kind of public and private organizations that work any time trying to collect your personal data and go against your interests.Nowadays Antivirus aren’t always ready to fight fresh net threats in advance, so said 0 day threats, unknown bugs, exploits that come from the wild, from the internet abyss, harming and mining your data, your security and your privacy.

If the server becomes unreachable the client essentially becomes an orphan and loses most of its value..”(Source).

In a discussion on Peer Block forums, several people pointed out alleged inaccuracies in this article. Forum user Bluepeas tells his story of how he used torrents for years and never had any problems, while he received two notices within a short time period when he accidentally forgot to install the software on his new PC.

But of course, this kind of evidence is very anecdotal and should not be taken as gospel. While using Peer Block might have advantages, several issues spoil the fun.

To answer this question, we decided to give the tool a review and take a good look at how it claims to protect you.

For this reason alone, we cannot recommend this software – Better solutions are available. Based upon the concept of IP blocking, Peer Block scans your computer for in- and outgoing connections to IPs (Internet addresses) deemed malicious or unwanted, for example because they’re owned to a Hollywood film studio, a known publisher of any kind of copyrighted material, an agency and so on.

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Peer Block, along with it’s predecessor Peer Guardian, has been around since 2003 as one of the first ways to protect file sharers from unwanted attention from anti-p(r)ivacy outfits and everyone else trying to analyse and track the networks, such as government agencies.

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