Quicken hangs updating financial information

Other popular desktop software like Adobe's Photoshop and Microsoft's Word have since been refreshed to make the many features more readily available. The design of - and it's ability to proactively offer insights about money - has been one key of its success.

Quicken requires you to know where to look.* Expanding availability on devices.

Mint.com, for instance, is primarily geared for people just trying to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck. Bank and brokerage Web sites have greatly improved - and are often "good enough" for many users. In a recorded video to customers, Dunn says he's looking to invest in the product to make it even better. But evolution isn't something Quicken can keep kicking down the road. Bulky desktop computers - most of which probably ran some previous version of Quicken - have been replaced with sleek laptops that look more like tablets with keyboards than traditional laptops.

But what if you leave your bank or switch to another brokerage? That includes hiring more consumer service representatives in the U. Even Windows 10 has extended and evolved the idea of what a PC is - as the same apps designed to run in Windows 10 can also run on phones, tablets and even the TV.

Unlike Web-based tools, all your financial information are stored on your own hard drive (not on the service providers').

The software's maker, Intuit, has decided it's a battle it would rather not fight.

The company, which has since Quicken 2016 - the latest version - is out today.

But if you haven't tried Quicken before - there's nothing in the 2016 version to convince you to start now.

The question is can Quicken be turned into software that is again a must-buy.

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That means you don't have to worry about the service getting hacked and your data being compromised - or if the service will just close one day leaving your data hostage.

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