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It was comforting to know there'd be safety in numbers. But I still reminded her to make personal safety her first priority, and to stay with people she knew. She replies, "He lives in Aruba."I stutter, "He's...he's not a tourist just here for the summer? Brenda explains that it will be difficult to locate someone at this hour to show us the footage from the previous night. Apparently, the beach patrol he has been dealing with since that morning aren't actual police, nor did they think the matter urgent enough to file a missing persons report. "She will come back." Natalee has been missing for close to 22 hours now.She hadn't had a real boyfriend, and confided to me that she was a virgin. "Maybe tomorrow." I ask for the records that show who entered Natalee's hotel room last night. A crime may have been committed, though it has not been reported or documented. But I'm not about to let this get swept under the rug. When I return to the lobby, the DEA agent suggests we go to Carlos'n Charlie's to ask questions and show her picture around. Making their way inside the bar, the men in our group dodge a couple of fistfights and dope-smoking patrons, trying to find someone with information."I was the eyewitness."Holloway was last seen on May 30, 2005, leaving a bar with Joran van der Sloot.He is currently imprisoned in Peru for a 2010 murder and de Jong speaks to him being the prime suspect in his recent testimony."I saw that Joran was chasing Natalee into a small building under construction," he recalled.

We discussed payment, roommates, and other details.The position of the chaperones was made clear: They'd be there for emergencies such as lost passports, but they wouldn't be conducting bed checks or roll call. Jug's nephew says he played cards with Joran in the casino.In addition to the seven adults, more than a hundred of Natalee's senior classmates were booked to go. We ask if there are videotapes of the blackjack tables.We'd head out for a day of shopping together at our favorite stores near our suburb outside Birmingham, AL.In the car, between stops, we'd talk about anything and everything. In October 2004, Natalee asked me if she could go on the senior class trip, an exotic four-night stay on the island of Aruba.

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