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Meanwhile robot academics will follow you along the beach—this is because the original purpose of dating has been completely forgotten, and the robots hope observing you will garner clues that will help them solve this problem and publish articles about it in robot-reviewed publications.

Unfortunately, by this time, neither you nor your date will be able to remember what the purpose of dating was either.

With the totality of the world’s information available to us through implanted electrodes, it will be possible to predict at birth who, if anyone, we’ll end up marrying, although breakthroughs in longevity tech will mean everyone has already dated everyone else in their network and is starting to feel a bit jaded.

Cheap teleportation will transform dating culture, as most of Earth’s human population moves to the exoplanet HD 40307g.

During the actual date, you’ll receive constant real-time dating advice generated by machine-learning algorithms.

Your household appliances will tweet constantly about your relationship status—if they ever stop this, you will feel unaccountably melancholy.

Dating sites will take over most of the traditional functions of the state security apparatus.

The attractiveness of the soulmate you’re assigned will be proportional to the number of advertisements you agree to watch first.First dates on Earth will now occur in full immersion virtual realities.This is partly because genetic engineering will have made real humans so beautiful that anyone who glimpses one will be too love struck to function coherently.After all the AIs destroy themselves in viral warfare, mutant sex toys will colonize outer space, and a functional crystal ball will be mass-produced, putting futurists out of business.That cute person you gave your phone number to last week will finally try to call you back, although this will be tough since by then you’ll both have been cryogenically frozen.

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