Reece mastin dating home and away

The Twitter user, Lauren Mellare, alleged that Mastin had hit her up asking for nude photos, providing a video of her i Phone messages as proof.Mastin's girlfriend, Rhiannon Fish, fired back at the user in a series of tweets that have since been deleted.During teens, most of the teenagers roam around, hop on junk food and do nothing.However, Reece Mastin, the Adelaide rock star, managed to get fame at the age of 16 years itself.“Hate to break it to ya babe, he has no need to ask other girls for 'nudes'. I cant believe you are trying to make him sound like such a bad person. The video and photos were fake, our relationship is as strong as it ever was.Thank you to everyone that supported us," Fish tweeted.

Reece calls the home as his priceless possession as coming from a middle-class background, it was much of a big deal for him to buy a house. Reece is fond of wearing several accessories among which he is always seen with his favorite Aviator sunglasses.

After his stint at X Factor, as a winning prize, he has to sign a contract with Sony Music Australia.

Since then he has 3 albums released and several singles as well. The Little rocker, Reece won the competition when he was just 16 and now at 22, he is touring all over, releasing albums.

Born to Darren Mastin and Debbie Mastin on 24th November 1994 in Scunthorpe in England, he is none other than Pop sensation, Reece Mastin.

Nobody knew that a young Chap who was known to be having a rare ear syndrome with the danger of Hear loss at the age of seven would become such a huge pop star in his teens.

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