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This fictional technology may never have been dreamed up if it was not for Einstein's famous theory, which detailed the warping of space and time This bubble of folded space contracts in front of the ship and expands behind it faster than the speed of light, meaning that the ship itself is not, at any moment, traveling faster than the speed of light.'It's theoretically possible, but can we ever build a warp drive?We have hints that the kind of materials that we would need exist in the universe but whether or not we could get them together, we still don't know.'Indeed, Einstein's Theory of General Relativity also helps to support the existence of wormholes - shortcuts through the fabric of space and time brought about by the distortions that intense sources of gravity can create.In addition, the evolutionary history of groups of plants and animals on different continents can reveal when these continents were connected or isolated from each other.The Earth's climate is primarily a result of the redistribution of the Sun's energy across the surface of the globe.German chemist Otto Hahn and his assistant Fritz Strassmann discovered nuclear fission, the science behind the atomic bomb in 1938 but the events in Japan more than six years later would come to haunt the Nobel Prize winner.In 1939, Einstein, a known pacifist, signed a letter to US President Franklin D Roosvelt warning him that Germany was developing an atomic bomb, which led to Roosvelt creating the US atomic programme in 1941, called the Manhattan Project.The age of these linear magnetic anomalies can be determined using fossil evidence and radiometric age determinations.

The existence of black holes (artists impression illustrated) was first proposed using Einstein's theory of general relativity shortly after he published his equations in 1915.The first goal is to map the past positions of the continents.The second goal is to illustrate the changing distribution of mountains, lowlands, shallow seas, and deep ocean basins through time.Einstein's earlier Theory of Special Relativity, published in 1905, laid the groundwork for nuclear power with his famous equation E=mc^2.It also deals directly with the energy stored within an atom.

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Albert Einstein's famous theory of General Relativity, which he presented 100 years ago today, is one of the world's most famous equations and underpins much of modern physics.

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