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It stands 102 metres tall and features nine spheres representing an elementary iron crystal magnified 165 billion times.

Today, our iconic chocolates are satisfying the palates of chocolate-lovers around the world.

I believe that the author wanted to give an impression of Belgian working class families on a holiday camp. Everybody looks discouraged because of their interrupted sex life that cannot take ground in this unnatural surroundings with its deprived individuals at the edge of society.

The camp site is manned by fascinating individualistic persons who live a life without adventure.

Fancy singing the songs of the great Jacques Brel today?

Let yourself be guided through the streets of his city, his lively Brussels, listening as you go to Jacques’ voice, lyrics, interviews and anecdotes from members of his family. Located in the old Belle-Vue brewery, the museum introduces visitors to art from a 2.0 perspective. In Mons, it makes perfect sense to see a dragon roaming the streets on Trinity Sunday, the day associated with tongues of fire.

On a campsite at the Belgian coast, the delegate of the Ministry of culture Jan Bucquoy must bring culture nearer to the working class.

But the residents of this caravan park prefer to look at soccer, a boxing-match or a beauty-contest.

The amount of amusement parks in Belgium is quite impressive. So don’t hold back screaming together, we like that.One does not always know where one should find himself in this patchwork of beauty contests and song contests.The pie throwing of Pierre Mertens is a story in itself too.There are 12 Trappist breweries worldwide, six of which are right here in Belgium. This venue - unique in Europe - provides a voice for the underground generation. The festivities run throughout the weekend, culminating in the epic Lumeçon battle between Le Doudou, the aforementioned dragon, and the valiant Saint George.So whether you're a beer lover or just plain curious, visit one of the abbeys and sample their beers. Historic folklore that has not escaped the attention of Unesco and which is on its Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Belgium has cities that live and breathe fashion, right down to the finest fiber in every article of clothing.

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Top marks and head of the class for Quetelet, the man who devised the BMI (Body Mass Index) at the University of Ghent. Make sure you make it all the way up top, where you can enjoy a 360° view of the capital.

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