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The full course is available on the i Pad and i Phone, allowing users to study from almost anywhere.

In 2012, Bar Max students had a pass rate that was over 20 points higher than the state average.

It claims to provide a high return on investment and save users time and money.

The developer, mobi DEOS, also offers a free version for consumers.

The app is designed to connect specifically with the Northern Digital (NDI) industrial measurement systems.

Preebs Preebs aims to make the commute to work more rewarding by providing coupons and games, and allowing users to customise the billboards they pass on their way to work. Barcelona vs Madrid A dubious-looking football game that claims to let players re-enact El Clasico.

It claims to have "the most realistic graphics and simulation," but reviewers describe it as "pointless".

The developer claims that the globe runs "a fluid dynamics simulation as well as using gravity and shaking to produce snow motion". It uses text-to-speech technology, allowing users to keep their eyes on the road, and traffic levels along the selected route are shown in different colours.Applicants are required to certify they are "high net worth individuals" with assets and/or income in excess of £1 million.Bar Max CA Bar Max, created by Harvard Law School alumni, is a comprehensive bar exam review course.This statistic shows the cheap date index in selected cities around the world in 2017.'The cheap date index' represents the cost of a date: consisting of cab rides, dinner/lunch for two at a pub or diner, soft drinks, two movie tickets and a couple of beers.

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Although 90 percent of i OS apps are now free, according to app analytics provider Flurry, some are expensive beyond imagination.

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