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The Administrative or Facilities Staff is present during operating hours to offer assistance and to meet any security needs.

Buildings are monitored after hours by a security system.

Changes in internal procedures will be made if an additional effort will alleviate a problem.All College personnel will be expected to keep all complaints and information in confidence, except to the extent released by an officer of the College.Sexual harassment is unacceptable conduct and may lead to disciplinary action as outlined in policy 603 entitled Disciplinary Policy , if the offender is an employee.Any employee, student, faculty, or continuing education instructor who makes deliberate or repeated offensive verbal comments, gestures, or physical contact of a sexual or suggestive nature in the work, work-related, or educational environment is also engaging in sexual harassment.For purposes of this paragraph, the term "student" includes any person enrolled in an academic course at Walsh College or any person attending a continuing education seminar or program.

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The policies and procedures described in this Safety and Security Report are subject to change at any time and updated versions to the Safety and Security Report, if any, will be posted at Walsh College is dedicated to providing a clean, safe and comfortable environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Members of the campus community must share in the responsibility for the safety and security of themselves, their neighbors and their belongings.

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