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Our kids will have bogey-man nightmares about Jurassic gardens with gyrating micro-dinosaurs taunting them with suggestive looks and the temptation of scoring higher than their schoolmates. Cleanse that place with holy virtual water right now, dammit!

Pokemon is legion — ‘We are many’ The people who proposed the was about spiritual violence, Pokemon Go is outright spiritual massacre. If you need further proof of the diabolical character of the app, I’ll have you know that the word Pokemon comes from the French-Mandarin-Scandinavian word for “legion.” And, as every two-month Christian infant knows, “legion” means a truckload of demons. This makes the raid by Jais in 2014 look like an inter-faith party!

I have never stopped praying for JK Rowling’s soul since the release of her first book — how this British woman flood our children’s minds with bulls***-stories of wands, wizardry and weird train stations?!It is no surprise, therefore, that phenomenon like Pokemon is at the root of all the evils in Malaysian society.The 1MDB scandal, child marriages, nepotism, cronyism, public shootings, racism and even why taxi-drivers attack Uber cars — that’s because of Pokemon Go. The normal, the non-invasive and the non-irrational are deep characteristics of Malaysian society.He said “Number one, we want to help you in terms of strengthening the US economy.” Among the most controversial promise by Dato’ Seri Najib was for the Malaysian Employees Provident Fund (EPF) to investment an additional “three to four billion dollars” to “support...infrastructure redevelopment in the United States.” Ordinary Malaysians, and in particular, contributors to the EPF are up in arms over the Prime Minister’s callous promise to the American president.

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