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Moms Demand Action has created The Mother’s Dream Quilt Project to symbolize the human toll of gun violence in America, as well as mothers’ shared commitment to making our country safer for our children.We are creating a series of quilts from fabric donated by mothers across the country.And that doesn’t include the number of suicides–and even some homicides–that occur when kids have access to unsecured guns.

See how your senator voted, and then call their offices to tell them how you feel about their decision. 49 people were killed and over 50 injured during the worst mass shooting in U. Unfortunately, too many American mothers see their dreams for their children shattered by gun violence.

Every block in every quilt uses the uniform quilting pattern known as “Mother’s Dream.” Each quilt also contains at least one block composed of meaningful fabric from a victim or survivor of gun violence.

Blocks representing victims and survivors are surrounded by quilt blocks submitted by mothers who share in our collective sadness over too many lives shattered by gun violence. has one of the highest reported rates of unintentional child gun deaths in the world.

We know that one of the NRA’s top priorities is forcing schools—especially colleges and universities—to allow guns on campus and in school classrooms.

Moms Demand Action has been successful in defeating a majority of state bills that would have forced guns into schools and campuses, but if we’re going to keep winning, we need America’s educators to join the fight.

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